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Home Builder Services We Provide In The Greater Oklahoma City Area

Building your dream home will likely be the most exhilerating and overwhelming experience you will have as a homeowner. A lot goes into planning and executing such an undertaking. It doesn’t have to be difficult, however. You may have been told that you have to bare the burden of many things like choosing your lot and even having plans drafted before you find a builder. With Raywood Homes, this is not so. We will guide you through the entire process, from finding the right lot, drafting a 3D model to developing and excavating the land. Then from the footing to the roof we will guide you through the selection process. At Raywood Homes, we want you to LOVE your new home, so we walk you through every step from pouring the foundation to installing the carpets.
Here is a little more about what we offer:

Custom Home Building and Land Development

Lot development includes all work that takes a piece of earth and turns it into a home site. Aside from obtaining all necessary permits to move forward with building, there is also lot clearing and excavation, environmental evaluation, septic system prep and design, water line connection and filtration, electric trenching, gas line installation, landscaping prep and much more. Raywood Homes handles all this before beginning construction on your custom home.

Selection Process Assistance

Once you’ve got the vision of your perfect home in your head and construction begins the path to your dream home can be overwhelming. Many choices lay ahead. Every building material will have an impact on the look, cost and energy efficiency of your home. It’s almost enough to make you want to have someone take those decisions out of your hands, but then fully customizing your home becomes impossible. 

3D Rendering and Design Consultation

Understanding 2D design plans may be somewhat complicated. Furthermore dimensions are difficult to conceptualize in only 2 dimensions. With this type of limited access you may not be able to fully visualize the layout of your home. This is a stumbling block on the path to building the perfect home. That is why Raywood Homes utilizes the latest in architectural technology. We build you a 3-dimensional, digital model of your home during the planning stages, so you can see it before anything is built.

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