Is Marble Flooring Right

Is Marble Flooring Right For Your Custom Oklahoma City Home?

Category: Custom Home Building
Wednesday, January 8, 2014

By Raywood Homes

When building your custom Oklahoma City home there are many design aspects to consider. Flooring is chief among them, as the floor takes up a large amount of the real estate in your home. There are so many types of flooring to choose from; synthetic laminates, ceramic tiles, hardwood, and much more.
If you are seeking an elegant and sophisticated look in one of the rooms of your custom Oklahoma City home you may consider one of the oldest materials used to create a luxurious feel in buildings; Marble.
Greek and Roman bourgeoisie used marble all the way back in ancient times. Due to appreciation for their stunning architecture, marble has since become a symbol of refinement in a home.
When the commercial availability of marble reached around the world different types of marble designed for flooring became available. The most common type is the polished marble tile. These marble tiles have the unique ability to hold a sparkling shine, which is specifically the aesthetic quality that makes it a desired flooring option.
Honed marble tile is another type of marble flooring. This type of marble has undergone a process where it is ground down by diamond until it is very smooth, but it lacks the slippery and glossy properties of polished tile. Honed marble gives a much more subtle luxurious look.
Sand marble tiles are a mixture of the sand and marble. Unlike the other types of marble tile, this causes a rougher look giving it a very rustic and authentic feel.
Marble is also very versatile. It comes in a variety of colors and can be cut into almost any shape. You can use large tiles or small ones. You can even use broken marble. This is very common for outdoor pathways.
When considering your tile options for your custom Oklahoma City home take a look at marble. Marble could give it a small touch of opulence which creates a good balance between aesthetic beauty and functionality in a home.

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