Deck Or No Deck

Deck Or No Deck? Outdoor Space 3d Rendering

Category: 3D Design Consultation
Friday, January 10, 2014
By Raywood Homes

Will a deck work with your current theme, color scheme, and landscape of your custom Oklahoma City home? A deck is a big addition and a decision you can’t afford to make frivolously. Aside from whether a deck would be right for your home, there is also various types of decks. Will it be single level, or multi-level? What colors will work seamlessly between the house and the yard? What amenities should it have (or will it be able to fit)?
This is why an outdoor space 3D rendering is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal when you work with Raywood Homes. With advanced architectural technology, we utilize a special program that can make your deck dreams a reality before committing to construction. With your outdoor space 3D rendered model our designers, along with you, can examine carefully the logistics of multiple types of decks.
Your dream home should be perfect for you and your builder should be committed to making it so. A 3D rendering of your Oklahoma City home’s back yard will give you the information you need to easily determine what will best suit you and your family. You can use the 3D model to add different types of decks, shapes, colors, and levels all with the click of a button. That way moving forward with the planning of your Oklahoma City home will be easier and more cost effective.
Don’t let anything rest on chance. Take advantage of an outdoor space 3D rendering and plan your yard carefully.

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