Uses for lemons all around the house

It turns out when life gives you lemons there is more than just one option (making lemonade). There are plenty of great ways to use lemons around the house. In fact lemons are one of the most hard working and flexible cleaning tools. See several ideas for using lemons below:

1.) Freshen up your microwave. Place a cup or bowl of water and chopped up lemon in your microwave until the door is steamy. Let the cup or bowl sit for 15 minutes. When you take it out you will notice how you are able to clean the grime and grease away with ease.

2.) Get rid of the stink in your sink. Take several lemons and run then through the garbage disposal. This method will get rid of foul odors.

3.) Remove stains from linens. Treat the item with fresh lemon juice and salt. Let it sit for a half hour and then rinse with vinegar and warm water.

4.) Remove stains from a cutting board or butcher's block. Run the cut side of a lemon over the cutting board or butcher's block. To add extra cleaning power sprinkle with salt or baking soda 1st. If you have really difficult stains let them soak over night. Wipe wooden boards with mineral oil to seal.

5.) Rid your brass of any tarnished spots. Sprinkle with salt and rub with a cloth dampened with lemon juice. Rinse with water and dry thoroughly afterwards.

6.) Remove rust stain from fabric. Lemon juice and salt. Let the treated fabric sit in the sun until you notice the rust stain is gone.

7.) Shine chrome bath fixtures. Run the cut side of a lemon over faucets drains and more to remove mineral deposits and bring out the shine. Rinse thoroughly once done.

8.) Remove t-shirt sweat stains. Rub sweat stains with lemon juice before you put them in the wash.

9.) Kill weeds in your yard. Spray any weeds in your yard with lemon juice. The acidic powers of the lemon can help to eradicate unwanted weeds.

10.) Makeshift scented humidifier. Simmer water and lemons on the stove. This combo will combat dry indoor air and make the house smell good too.

11.) Clean a cheese grater. Run the fresh side of a lemon over the grater to help cut through and free the tool of residue.