Stairs - A few things to know


3428 Sagebrush Place - Raywood Manor - Yukon, OK - Hidden Stairs - In this case Raywood Homes decided to have the stairs somewhat hidden away / not a focal point when you 1st walk into the home - these stairs lead to the large bonus room

Stairs in a home offer a unique opportunity to create a beautiful and useful element to your home design. They perform an important purpose - physically connect one level of a home to another. The sculptural quality of stairs can add a special touch. The lines, colors, materials can all show off your particular taste and can create a dramatic affect. When choosing the design of your stairs here are a few basic terms to know:

Risers: the vertical part of the stair

Treads: the horizontal part you place your feet on

Rise: the height a staircase runs

Nosing: the front edge of the stair tread

Stringers: the side components that support the treads and risers of the stair

Closed Stairs: means they have a solid riser, and you cannot see through the staircase

Open Stairs: means the risers, or part of the risers, do not exist

Open / Closed Combo: combining open and closed staircase design