Fun Facts About The State of Oklahoma

Fun Facts About The State of Oklahoma:

* Cimarron County is the only county in the United States that borders four states: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico & Texas

* The State Capitol Building is the only Capitol with an oil well directly underneath it.

* Will Rogers World Airport is the only airport to use the designation "world" with no reference to it's city location - it also offers NO international flights.

* Oklahoma is home to some interesting laws. For instance, despite Oklahoma being landlocked, whaling is illegal.

* Oklahoma City is roughly the same distance, close to 1,200 miles from both NYC & LA

* Many Oklahoma towns share the same name as other famous American towns: Cleveland, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Chattanooga, and Burbank for example.

* 86.9% of people 25 and older in Oklahoma are high school graduates or higher

* Braum's Dairy, an Oklahoma favorite produces more than 1 million glasses of milk per day

* Oklahoma is comprised of 69,960 square miles

* Oklahoma is home to 39 American Indian Tribe Headquarters.

* The Pensacola Dam, located at Grand Lake, is the world's longest multiple arch dam at 6,565 feet in length.

* Oklahoma has 247,00 students enrolled in 25 different colleges and universities throughout the state of Oklahoma.