Countertops - Granite - Edges


Want to know what type of edge you like when you start selecting granite? Granite as you know comes in all shapes sizes and the possibilities are endless. See below some of the lingo so when you pick your granite you know how to narrow down your search:

Straight Edges:

Straight / Bevel / Extended Bevel / Straight with Apron / Radius / Radius

Curved Edges:

Pencil / Demi Bullnose / Full Bullnose / Tuscan Curve / 0’gee Bullnose / O’gee / O’gee Over Full Bullnose

Fancy Edges:

Versailles / Chiseled / Roman Ovallo / O’gee Over Versailles / O’gee Top & Bottom / Demi Bullnose with Stepout

****See a few of the styles in the above image