Landscape Planning


Landscape Planning:

If you are planning to turn your yard into a landscape oasis here are a few tips to consider below:

Conduct a site evaluation – identify positive and negative features, and environmental conditions of the planting site or landscape. Soil type, sun, wind, temperature, & topography should all be a part of the site evaluation.

Identify landscaping goals – consider how you plan to use the area. Relaxation, entertaining, kids play, hobbies, and so on.

Create a bubble diagram – define areas for each planned use of the landscape. Have a rough plan / sketch of where everything shall be placed (trees, shrubbery, flowers, irrigation system and so on)You want to plan where you want the most privacy, where you will have the most sun exposure, and don't forget to sketch in the property lines and any other important details.

Water & drainage - plan irrigation carefully

Landscape lighting - make sure to plan out where the landscape lighting will be placed for optimum display